Having celebrated my 50th birthday this year, I have decided that whichever way you look at it, the chances are my life is half over. Now, I can do one of the two things, I can mope and be a major depression session or I can get a grip and make this MY time. I have a son who is about to graduate university and make his own way in life, I have a husband that I plan (hopefully) to grow old with,  a great job which hopefully will see me through to retirement so what now?

Creating and realising my bucket list……sounds like a plan!!

First tick has to be, picking up my pen and writing again. With a couple of writing courses under my belt, lots of critique from fellow “writers” and a newly established journal, I am discovering the joys of people watching, researching a plot and putting pen to paper. My tutor described me as a real writer now after a therapeutic morning plonked in a Costa Coffee window and just watching.  Love it!!

I see so much inspiration around me and the words at times come easily but I guess my biggest issue is discipline. I HAVE to take time for me, to get my head around that this is about me and what I have to share. This is what I want to do and nothing should stop me from doing the things that make me feel good, uplift my spirit and calm my soul. It’s difficult to get my head around the fact that time spent on me is an investment. If I don’t make this happen now, it may never happen then I will never know if I could have got something into print and available to the masses. It’s now or never!!

Please join me on this journey, I would love your comments and feedback.








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