Some memories feel like so long ago,
Recalling events and times that others don’t know.
Some days they are so vivid and so clear,
They can bring a smile or you can shed a tear.

A memory is tucked away in the corners of your mind,
A replay button which you can press play and find….
All those happy days, just hanging out having fun,
Early schooldays when your journey had just begun.

Recalling your first holiday with a trip to the sea,
That magical Christmas when you put up the tree.
The little things like flying a kite,
Falling in love and making it right.

So many memories, some happy, some sad,
They can make us feel better or bring up the bad,
We all store them deep within our mind and heart,
When memories come knocking, where oh where do you start?


©Tracey Louise Marinelli

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