When Is A Dream A Dream?


I can’t remember as a child being told I could dream,
Couldn’t fly to the moon or become a Queen.
I couldn’t aspire to greater things,
But just to sit and wait, see what life brings.

I loved to read and I loved to write,
But a trip to Uni was never in sight.
No words of encouragement or of praise,
No real direction of how to spend my days.

So school was over and I just went on,
No sense of need and no direction.
No sense of purpose and nothing to gain,
Day after day, it was all just the same.

One of life’s plodders I slowly became,
My dreams nonexistent or totally lame.
Life passed me by day after day,
No ambition, no sparkle, nothing to say.

As I sit in my old rocking chair, time has passed me by,
I look back on my life and I sit and cry.
How would it be if I had dreamt some dreams?
My life could have been different or so it seems.

A mission to drive me, to make my heart sing,
The feeling of fulfillment having a dream can bring.
But it’s too late, I am far too old,
Too late for dreams or so I’m told.

I have my grandchild sitting on my knee,
We talk about all the things she could be.
She talks of growing wings and flying to the sky,
I tell that baby to dream, and dream real high.

I smile at her dreams, as she stands by my side,
I feel my heart swell with so much pride.
Suddenly I realize all my dreams did come true,
I dreamt of miracle and that miracle is you!


©Tracey Louise Marinelli


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