My Friend In Crimson Robes

For Trinley

He is the dearest of people, my friend in crimson robes
Shush, don’t tell anyone as he would hate me to say
He would claim he doesn’t care or love that way
He has a heart of gold, a compassionate soul
But don’t pay him a compliment, he doesn’t take them well
He claims to be grumpy and have a permanent scowl
But I wouldn’t be without him, my friend in crimson robes
He is happiest away from the hustle and bustle of noise
At home in the woods with the birds and the trees
In a quiet temple, where he can sit and meditate and pray for the world
Where his gentle spirit takes flight and gives in to silence
A smile to brighten a room, a laugh to match
Always knowing and so very, very wise
I am blessed to have him in my life
To be in his company brings me peace and calm
My loyal and trusted friend in Crimson Robes


©Tracey Louise Marinelli

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