Our Mother

OUR MOTHER – a poem for Mother’s Day 2014

You’re so precious, so beautiful, so rare,
Your capacity to love, your capacity to care.
All of your life you have given and then given more,
You’re our precious mother, the woman we adore.

I want to see you smile, your eyes glowing so bright,
For your days to be peaceful and to sleep well at night.
My wish for you is that you feel no pain,
To take life in your stride and feel no strain.

As a mother, you love and give your best,
But now mom, it’s your turn to sleep and rest.
Whatever life brings us, I want only the best for you,
I want your life to be peaceful, quiet, honest and true.

You’re far too precious to be feeling so sad and so low,
The pain in your broken heart, I am sure nobody could know.
It’s not right and totally unfair,
That somebody could break your heart, how could they dare.

Your whole life you have lived for us and not for you,
Now we feel helpless and there is nothing we can do.
You have to know that we love you and we care,
To be apart from you, unable to hold you is that more than we can bear.

So our dear mother, I pray to the Almighty, the powers that be,
Your heart will mend and your smile we’ll see.
That a miracle will happen and will take place,
That we can be a family and see your smiling face.


©Tracey Louise Marinelli

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