Welcome to my blog!!

The time has finally come to put fingers to keyboard and hit the publish button, making my creative writing available online to be read, judged and hopefully commented upon.

I am still contemplating my favoured genre. I have toyed with fantasy, a children’s story, factual,  fiction from real life and poetry. I am hoping that the more I write, the more my style will emerge.

You will also find some personalised poetry, words that I have put together for specific people; friends, family and total strangers. The one thing they have in common is that they have touched my heart and inspired my words.


Back on Track…..

Well it has been a while but after a few turbulent months, I am planning on on getting back into my writing. I have signed up for a writing course in October and am just going to crack on and do what I do best which is write from the heart. I have a number of ideas up my sleeve, so now just need to make them a priority and see what happens.

I have added a number of short stories, so read away and as always, I would welcome any feedback.



Well, I have finally got around to getting some more poetry added to my 30 Poems in 30 Days. I have to confess for a relatively new writer, finding the time to write every day is proving challenging, hence my 11 poems in 28 days!! I still have a few more in the bag, so will keep on keeping on. If I don’t succeed, there is always next time!!

My 50th birthday is fast approaching, so it’s party time next week and then a week in Corfu, flying out on my actual birthday. So fun and games but hopefully some down time and lots of opportunities to be inspired. I am determined to write a little every day as I know that this is the discipline that makes for a good writer.

Please keep checking back as my short stories will be soon be making an appearance on the blog!!


Introducing Apricot

I am thrilled to introduce you to Apricot, she is the little fairy character I have created. I would really love your comments and feedback on this as I am hoping to turn this story into a series of adventures for the little fairy.

Please just click on Tales of Apricot and then the drop down box to reach her first adventure “Fairy Wings.”


Busy Sunday

Today I have been busy sorting through my blog and tweaking, its getting easier as I find my way around. So I have added days 4, 5 & 6 for my 30 poems in 30 days challenge, as always they can be found by clicking on the drop down box under the heading.

I have also started to add my fictional short stories, will do them gradually so hopefully people will keep coming back.